Automation of weighing results recording

Automation of weighing results recording

Automation of weighing results recording on the platform scales with additional control over video surveillance system operations. For automation of recording platform scales are connected to the computer network via the interface (RS-232, RS-485, WI-Fi). Interface converters and additional controllers can be used depending on the organizational structure of informational networks. The weighing results are transmitted to the processing program – weighing server. This program performs the processing results, data archiving, transmitting to the accounting program and video surveillance system.

Передача данных с весов в ТСД

The employee, weighing loads, processes and enters the data with help of the data terminal – i.e. he operates with accounting system directly via the data terminal. In such a way, operation with temporary journals, papers is eliminated. It is very beneficial and right.

From the weigher's side the process is following:

  1. Load is places onto the scales.
  2. Data terminal opens automatically the document – weighing results are entered into invoice.
  3. The employee manually selects the product type – this operation also can be automated, if carts and products are marked with bar codes.
  4. The employee checks whether the right product was selected and confirms input line, then he closes or carries out the invoice.

Done! - accurate and right data was transmitted to the accounting system.

From the accounting side – the documents with weighing results, temporary invoices, outweighs, inventory are created by responsible employees, but means of the accounting system restrict access to the documents for non-authorized employees, it results in reduced number of errors caused by human.

From the control and security service side

  1. Video information is transmitted to the video surveillance system, in such a way we can see on the monitor what the employee is weighing.
  2. At the same time, the data is transmitted and recorded in the archive and weighing results are output in the form of captions.
  3. When opening and closing the document, document number, operation type, number of the weighing zone and employee's surname are transmitted and recorded in the archive.

While selecting the product, the data is transmitted, recorded in the archive and then the product title, its weight, code number and barcode are displayed. You may select, check out, look through the video information and data of any event: weighing, document number, product title, product (article) number, bar code, employee's surname. You may look trough and check out almost everything. In such a way complex accounting system saves time in work processing, increases speed of the data entering, guarantees its accuracy, promptly searches errors and correct them if needed. Moreover, there is unbelievable efficiency of correcting and guarantee of its preventing. The employees are taught to operate with data terminal, three or four mistakes may result in employee's dismissal. It is not advertising feature – it is an example of the enterprise operates in such a way. The economic effect after implementation is 300 thousand per half-year.

In some production sections using of weighing and marking mobile post is reasonable. Weighing platform and stand are two autonomous blocks that exchange the data with each other via radio channel. The data exchange with the head office is carried out with the help of WI-Fi data transmitting or GSM channel.

If you are interested in this project, please, send your request and questions by e-mail, or via feedback form, or fax. We will perform all the preliminary calculations and make commercial offer. If after acquaintance with our offer you will be ready to purchase the system but you still want to ask questions and doubt – we will assemble operating stand simulating working conditions especially for your enterprise. Your employees can visit us and make sure that everything operates properly. In the case of any remarks, they all will be taken into consideration and included into the technical task. Then the process is quick and simple – you pay, we implement. There is warranty on all the equipment, software and the system update is maintained.

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