Scales crane VK ZEUS I

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VC ZEVS I — suspended crane scales with the carrying capacity of 120 kg or 300 kg (the price is the same). They are used for cargo transportation and in agriculture, in markets, fishing or hunting for weighing different loads. The scales are very compact and have a small mass (only 620 g).

Scales crane VK ZEUS I

The metal impact-resistant housing ensures reliable protection of the internal electronics of the balance against damage. To display the weighing results, a bright liquid crystal display with backlight for five digits with a symbol height of 20 mm is installed in the scales. The measurement results are perfectly visible in any illumination.

Scales crane VK ZEUS I

Power supply of scales from standard "finger" AA batteries. The function of automatic switching-off of weights at idle time allows to essentially save a charge of batteries. To replace the batteries, remove the back cover by unscrewing the fixing screws.

Scales VK ZEUS I

Features and functions

  • Sturdy aluminum alloy casing.
  • Protection class against moisture and dust — IP53.
  • Bright liquid crystal display, figures 20 mm high.
  • The maximum safe overload is 125% of the NIP.
  • Removable hook.
  • Autonomous power supply from three AA batteries.
  • Continuous use time is 150 hours.
  • Auto power off.
  • Taring in the entire weighing range.
  • Stabilization of weight.
  • Summation of the results of several weighings.
General descriptions
Producer of equipmentVagar, Ukraine
Technical descriptions
Weighing capacity300 кг, 120 кг
Discreteness100 г
50 г
NmPV1 кг
radio channelNo
Power3 батарейки типа АА

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