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METTLER TOLEDO. Company Mettler Toledo is one of the largest weighing equipment producers: lab and trade scales, platform scales and weighing dynamic systems, car and carriage scales.

Equipment and devices Equipment and devices of Mettler Toledo are used in research and works laboratories: lab and trade scales for dozing of liquid and granular materials, on the lines of packaging and quality control, determining of dimensions of the transported cargo and in other science, industry and trade fields. Company Metller Toledo has world wide industrial trade and service chain. The corporation operates in 120 countries, moreover 40 of them have own subsidiaries. Manufacturing facilities are situated in Germany, France, the UK, Switzerland, the USA and China. Headquarters is located in Greifensee, Switzerland.

History of creation

In 1945 doctor Erhard Mettler established Metller firm in Küsnacht (Switzerland). Doctor Mettler was the first to develop and start batch production of analytical balances with one cup. Then the company was constantly expanding the area of its interests, they began production of precision balances and micro balances, thermal analysis instruments and automatic titrators, pH-meters and ionomers, densitometers, refractometers.

In 1989 Mettler company bought shares on Toledo Scales corporation, existed since 1901, the largest industrial scales manufacturer in the USA. Henceforth, the company acquired its modern title METTLER TOLEDO. Also the corporation associated with other companies having connection with weighing and analytical equipment.

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If you want to purchase car or carriage scales or weighing dynamic systems you may contact the office METTLER TOLEDO CIS. Except for the weighing equipment, METTLER TOLEDO produces analytical and control instruments for laboratories and industries: titrators, densitometers, refractometers, pH-meters, moisture analyzors, thermal analysis instruments, laboratory reactors, industrial analytical systems. Besides, the company produces industrial metal detectors and equipment for detection of non-metal inclusions.

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