Laboratory scales CERTUS-SVA 150-0,002

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CERTUS SVA-150-0,002 — laboratory scale with the maximum weighing limit of 150 grams. They provide a high-precision weighing of substances and materials in laboratories of manufacturing enterprises, educational institutions, pawnshops, jewelry shops, pharmacies.

Laboratory scales CERTUS-SVA 150-0,002

The scales have a plastic housing, one HBM strain gauge, a round stainless steel weighing platform, a protective cover with glass walls and an aluminum cover, a large liquid crystal display with turquoise lighting. The balance can be operated from 220 V via an external power supply or from an integrated 6 V battery. Built-in level indicator and four adjustable feet ensure accurate horizontal positioning of the balance on the surface.

Scales CERTUS SVA-150-0,002

The digital RS 232C interface allows the balance to be connected to a printer or computer to automate weight accounting.

Scale interface CERTUS SVA-150-0,002

The laboratory balance is equipped with a wide range of different functions: weighing in grams, carats, ounces, summation, taring, semi-automatic zeroing of readings and zero tracking, weighing in percent. There is a counting mode and a function to lock the display if the weight of the load placed on the platform exceeds the maximum weighing limit. The balance can signal overload and stability of readings, print "date, time, weight".

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General descriptions
Producer of equipmentCERTUS, Ukraine
Class of exactness to on 24104-88fourth
Technical descriptions
EN 45501:2007II high
Discrete, g0,002
Power 220 , 6
Declaration of Conformity with the Requirements of the Technical Regulations on Non-Automatic Weighing DevicesYes
Material of the platformStainless steel
Platform size, mm80
Interface connectionRS-232
USB ()

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